About Travel Unpack

Some people just like travelling.  Travelling, as somebody famous once said, is good for the soul.  At the very least you get to see places that are quite unlike home, and meet people who live different lives, in a different environment – maybe who speak a different language.

It has never been easier to visit far-off places or to witness exciting cultures.  No matter how remote a destination may be, or how removed it is from the ways we know at home, there will be something about it on the Internet just a few clicks away.  How to get there, where to stay, what to eat when you get there – all this information is at our fingertips.  Low-cost airlines have brought international travel to more ordinary, everyday people than ever before, offering not only cheap flights but also direct access to destinations which a couple of decades ago were almost inaccessible without spending half the holiday actually getting there.

All of a sudden the world is simultaneously both small and large – small because of the ease of reaching almost anywhere on the planet, large because of the great variety and the exciting options which are now available for almost anybody to explore.  Life is for living, and there is just so much out there to see.

My Life as a Travel Junkie

My name is Liv Chorekdjian, and I guess I am what you might call a travel junkie.  Despite my being afflicted by a debilitating illness I am lucky enough to be able to pursue my hobby, which is visiting new places and savouring the culture and the ambience.  Sometimes I am accompanied by my good friend Jemma, but on other occasions I go alone.  My job at a fabric company owned by my parents enables me to earn enough to get around, but from time to time father will help out by sending me a bit extra.  I know I am so fortunate in that regard.

I have set up this site as a way of sharing my experiences away from home, and also to support me in my ambition to visit yet more places in parts of the world which up until now still remain unexplored.  I have called it TravelUnpack, because for me that is when the excitement begins – when I arrive at the hotel or resort and begin to unload my suitcase in anticipation of an adventure to come.

Help Me to Build TravelUnpack

This is the point at which I ask for some help.  Because however excited my own travel experiences make me, it is only by infusing this project with contributions from others like your good self that I can keep this blog running as an interesting and viable concern.  

Please visit me on Instagram, and also take a few seconds to subscribe to my newsletter. More than anything though, I would love you to contribute to my blog by sending in your own news from your own travels around the world.