From years, science and scientists are trying to invent things to make people’s lives more easy and relaxing. There are hundreds of scientific inventions in all over the world, which are helping people and giving them comfort. Having inventions does not mean that world IS completely free of problems. There are many problems, which are affecting world and its economy very severely. One such problem is water scarcity. Different countries are making electricity in different ways but mostly they are using water and dames for that but because of water scarcity many countries are unable to create enough electric power to supply to whole countries and whole cities for 24hours. Because of that, some countries are facing electric failures a lot or power shutdown a lot. A country need industries for better economy and industries need electricity to run. Because of electric shutdowns many industries are not working as good as they can and that turned into less businesses and even close down of the industries. People are losing their jobs and w way to run their lives because of no monthly income.

A decade or two back, there was no solution for this problem but now world have the best alternative of electric power and that is solar power. Solar systems are proving very efficient in providing energy to industries. There are many industries with heavy machineries and those industries are running by solar power. Solar systems are also providing solar energies to those, which are facing lack of electricity. Not just that it has reduced electricity bills by half. Solar industries have invented many other products to help people. The most helpful and exciting products are flexible solar panels. The idea of these panels is to provide a source of power to those people who travel and go for camping and hiking and for other adventures. These panels are flexible like their name and they can bend and fold, which makes them easy to carry and take anywhere people want. These panels are being made with very thin layers of silicon and because of that, these panels are very lightweight. They are best for boats, to charge marine batteries and many other things. There are many areas, which are lacking in world’s developments and do not have electricity and such things or if they have, than the problem of shutdown is too big. Social service organizations and NGOs are using flexible panels to provide light to those people who are living in these areas.

It is not hard to maintain these panels, follow some precautions and the panels will live vey long. Do not use them in too much cold weather, rain, and snow. You will not be able to make it work because it needs sunlight and height and both are impossible in such weathers. It will only harm the panels. Try to keep them clean. Do not wash them; use wet and cleans cloth to remove any dust from these panels. There are many companies, which are making flexible solar panels for boats UK and in other countries. Because of the competition, the prices of these panels have decreased a lot and their performance has improved.

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