Who wouldn’t like a little extra jingle in their pocket at the end of every month? Or better yet, what about a lot of jingle in your pocket at the end of the month? Saivian App is designed to do just that.

This membership app has the potential to pay you back up to 20% of what you spend on purchases every month. By completing normal tasks you are going to do anyway, such as grocery shopping or eating at your favorite restaurant, you can watch your cash back reward balance grow.

Here’s How the Saivian App works:

Become a Member

The Saivian app is a membership based app. The membership fees are $125 per month, however, if you routinely spend $600 or more per month, then this app can be a good deal for you.

Select your Businesses

Each month you can have up to a total of 20 different businesses associated with you Saivian App. Ten you can choose yourself and ten are from their already selected stores. Then it’s time to shop, shop, shop. Each time you make a purchase, you can feel great knowing you’ve got some of that money coming back to you.

Submit your Receipts

Take a photo of your receipts with your phone or scan them to email them in for submission. The receipts go through an internal verification process. Then once approved, they will be credited to your account.

Watch the dollars add up

You can check back into your account and see how much your account is growing. If you consistently spend over $600 per month at the stores listed under your Saivian App, you have a high chance of reaping the benefits.

Other ways to earn money with Saivian

If you are networker and love connecting with people, you may be able to save even more money with the Saivian app. Referral payments start at as little as referring three people. The payments begin at $5 per day to you and quickly jump upwards depending on the number of people you refer. Another way to pay yourself for an app you are already using anyway!

What if I change my mind?

Even though the Saivian app is a paid membership based app, you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts or other obligations. Simply go into your profile tab to cancel for the next membership cycle. Also, after your initial purchase, as long as you paid your membership fee with a credit card, you have 72 hours to refund your money if you feel the app is not right for you.

We are all working hard enough every day as it is. If you are already going through the motions of buying groceries, gas, going to the pharmacy, making retail purchase and more, why not use this service to pay yourself back? With the money you earn back, maybe you can treat yourself to a nice dinner and then start the next month all over again.

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