Hajj is one of the sacred Islamic deeds and the important pillar of Islam. You find out the cheapest hajj package 2017 to reach Saudi Arabia to bow before Allah Almighty to beg forgiveness for the previous sins you commit in your whole life. This is the blessing of Allah and his love for a person that we provide him a chance to become His guest in Makah and Medina while performing the Hajj. It is seen that we often recommend few things to do while performing the Hajj and Umrah but we find very short information about the things we need to avoid while performance of Hajj and Umrah. Following are some of the things you need to consider in your mind.

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Care your Eyes

When Allah ordered women to take Hijaab, he also ordered Muslims Men not to look at the women intentionally. The first and foremost thing while performing the Hajj is taking care of the eyes. Don’t see and mix up with the other women during hajj. You need to even avoid talking to your group women. You need to focus your prayers for which you are there in the Makah. If you cannot control your eyes during hajj and still you are flirting with the women in the Hajj that means you remained thirsty even standing in the river of blessings. This is the same rule for the group leader to avoid useless discussion with the group women to focus on your hajj.

Don’t Use Mobile Phone

It is so unfortunate and one of the basic things that you are being forbidden to use the mobile phone during Hajj and the performance of its rituals. If you are giving importance to your phone call instead of Hajj itself, that means you are not committed to perform Hajj with the total commitment and devotion. Stop today, if you are also doing it. It is so unfortunate that some people even receive calls during Tawaf of Kaaba. You must also change the ring tones of your mobile phone if you are using some kind of music as ring tone. Use basic ring tones instead of brand tunes like Nokia, Apple, and Samsung etc.

Don’t Take Photos

We can say it a photo phobia that some people take photos to instantly upload on the available social media. Some people take images during Tawaf and at different places of Makah and Medina. Taking photos is prohibited in Islam and especially when you are at House of Allah and asking for forgiveness for your previous sins. You need not to show the whole world that you are there to perform hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia. This is some kind of show off that is strictly prohibited in Islam. If you are in the Makah and Median after hiring the cheapest Umrah package 2017, don’t repeat these mistake and avoid them completely. Please also forward this information to the others to be benefited.


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