With the end of the summer holiday fast approaching some people are planning to take their cars and family on one last road trip before they must go back to the hustle and bustle of early mornings, school runs and packed lunches. While driving so considerably cheaper that flying there are a few checks that should be carried out to make sure that your trip is not cut short. This post was written to help young road tripper with making sure that their car is up to the task of running long distance. There are 6 main checks that should be carried out to identify problems and most of these checks can be done by yourself at home leading you top save money for other frivolities.


The first step in preparing your car for a long journey is to check your headlights, the problem is that over time the plastic covering on your headlights can get cloudy and reduce the headlight strength leading to reduced visibility at night with can then lead to a fatal accident. To fix this all you must do is to simply replace the transparent plastic covers. You can easily order a replacement cover online and fix it manually without professional help.

Air Conditioning

Even if you don’t plan on using your air conditioning on your road trip you should make sure that it works as needed. If the air conditioning is not working properly it will restrict the air flow within the car and engine which might lead to overheating. To fix this you should replace and belts that are worn out or loose and remove obstructions from condenser blades that may prevent normal airflow.

 Engine Temperature

Your engine should always be checked out regularly, if over worked or not cool enough the engine has the potential to overheat which would cause the engine to blow. To prevent this all you must is to check out your engine often and if you spot dirt or other obstructions in the blade you should clean as soon as possible. You should also remember to replace the thermostat for electric fans and replenish coolant in over flowing tanks. If the belt is worn or lose you should also remember to replace it.

Tyre Pressure

Your tyres are the most key features of your car and should be treated accordingly, you should be checking the tyre pressure, wear and tear and alignments. When tyres are low on-air pressure it reduces the fuel economy and increases the risks of a blowout. To fix your tyres you should add air to reach the recommended pressure (found in user manual). If you need to replace your tyre you can check for cheap tyres online and order a replacement to your house.

Oil and Oil Filter

Changing your oil and replacing your oil filter should be a common occurrence, you should be checking the level of your oil and the cleanliness of it. Use the lever in the oil chamber to check the oil level and while you are checking that you should also check the cleanliness of the oil. If the oil appears dirty that means you must replace your oil filters as well.

Air filter

The air and cabin filters can get dirty from dust, debris and loose metals that might be caught by the filter. When caught the filter is rendered ineffective at removing impurities and causes engine trouble or reduces air quality inside the passenger compartment. All you need to do to fix this is to replace the filters and you can be well on your way to an enjoyable road trip.

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