Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, because it offers art, sea, mountains, folklore and much more. At the heart of the peninsula there is Tuscany, one of the richest regions which offers many cultural attractions. There are lots of famous tourist destinations, first of all Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca: history, nature, breath-taking landscapes, in short, the ideal place to organize an unforgettable holiday.

Lucca is in the centre-north of Tuscany, near to all beautiful city of the region: 20 minutes from sea and from Pisa, 40 minutes from Florence and 1 hour and half from Siena, Volterra and S.Gemignano. Lucca is a small medieval town, which preserves intact all its historic features: the walls surrounding the city, beautiful and unique in the world are from the Renaissance period and the more than 100 churches in the area make it famous in the world. Lucca was a major stopover on the route of the medieval pilgrimages from northern Europe to Rome. It stood on the Via Francigena, which developed from an ancient Roman route to become one of the most important arteries of medieval Europe.

Lucca, now, is also known for its antique villas, open to visitors to show themselves in all their beauty. In Lucca, you can stay in some of these villas: for example, near the city, on the plain of Lucca, there is a small village called Valgiano, that offers fabulous stays.

The Villa of Valgiano was built by an aristocratic family from Lucca during the Renaissance. They chose this place for its position (near Lucca) and for its landscape. The villa is only a small part, because it is part of a farm of 60 hectares, where you can see woods of acacia, oak and chestnut trees; the farm is surrounded by vineyards and olive trees (with its production of wine and oil). In the villa’s garden there are 4 fountains, a neo gothic chapel and other minor buildings such as the lemon trees’ house.

If you will stay in this beautiful villa, you will enjoy an epoch house without compromising on service, in fact all kind of facilities are available.

The elegance and beauty are the keywords when we talk about Tuscany villas and at the same time, they are characterized by simplicity and their historically rustic character.



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