Eastern Europe is a popular holiday destination for many at the moment. It’s not too far away, prices are cheap and there’s a holiday to suit everyone.

High energy walking tours, outdoor camping and adventure holidays are popular, but so is the chance to sit in a bar and watch satellite TV. The locals have a reputation for being hospitable, friendly and great cooks. Besides which, the scenery is stunning and the architecture amazing.

Places to consider for Eastern European holidays include Krakow in Poland; Tallinn, capital of Estonia; Prague in the Czech Republic; and Split, which these days is in Croatia.

Krakow has lots of interesting architecture and is a great place to walk around. There are churches, a castle and lots of museums. Tallinn is reachable from Helsinki and features a seaplane museum, biking tours and more than its fair share of statues and monuments. In Prague visitors can go on a river cruise, tour formal gardens and attend shows at any of several venues. Rafting is one of the most popular activities for visitors to Split. The River Cetina is just 45 minutes away, after all. Many of these tours can be booked through big name online travel agents, while others are available through smaller companies. Some have an option to stop on the way down the river and try the local food, others will concentrate on the rafting experience.

The lengths of rafting tours in Split will vary depending on the departure point and speed of travel but generally 3-4 hours is the average. Those tours which also include stopping for a meal will take somewhat longer, up to 8 hours. No matter which tour operator the experience is booked through, all the specialist kit is provided and return transport to the hotel is also included. Participants are advised to bring a swimsuit and towel, footwear and fresh clothes to change into at the end of the trip. These rafting experiences are not suitable for wheelchair users due to accessibility issues. They are also not recommended for pregnant women, nor those with back problems, heart complaints, or other serious medical issues. Rafting over rapids can be quite rough, so this is sensible advice. Otherwise, this is a popular and fun day out for adults and supervised children. When not concentrating on paddling to get through the rapids, there is the chance to see some of the spectacular scenery for which Croatia is rightly famous. It is also possible to swim in the river when the water is warm enough. Choose the right tour and there will be the opportunity for a picnic, a barbecue or a full restaurant meal with wine and the chance to chat to the locals.

Rafting in Split is a great way to combine a city-based holiday with the chance to see some of the countryside close by. Those holidaymakers who prefer to be ‘doing something’ with their break are likely to enjoy their time on the river. Equally, seasoned adventure holiday veterans will be able to show off their knowledge and skills by steering the rafts and instructing the novice paddlers.

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